Control Panels


Custom Control Panels

HAWK Panels designs and manufactures control panels for a variety of applications and industries. We can work from a design you already have or we can design, manufacture, and install the control panel that you need. We can do a single panel or many panels.


UL Listed

Being a UL 508A Certified Control Panel Shop means that our designed and manufactured control panels meet the highest standards for safety.



Our commitment to quality begins with choosing the most appropriate and best quality components to go into each control panel, such as Idec PLCs and Red Lion HMIs. Through our supplier network, we can choose from a wide range of options to find the best components for your application. We test each connection for continuity and responsiveness before it leaves our shop.

EUDAILEY Remote Drip
Control panel outfitted with two Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
Pine Creek Valve Panel
Control panel for opening/closing valves
Pine Creek Valve Panel2
Front of control panel with Human Machine Interface (HMI) and manual switches
Pine Forest AL
Control panel with VFDs to control pumps
A multi-pump control panel with PLC in process
Testing a simplex pump panel

Control Panel Types





Alternating, Lead/Lag Controls

Transducer Pump Panels

PLC based Control Systems

Relay Logic Control Panels

Jockey Pump Panels

Pump Up/Pump Down


Variable Frequency Drive Control Panels

Constant Pressure Panels

Pressure Boosting Control Panels

Touchscreen Interface Controls

Level Control Panels

Grinder Pump Panels

Multiple Alarms

Intrinsically Safe Pump Panels

Specific Custom Panel Design and Fabrication Needs

Available Features and Capabilities

Touchscreen and PLC Programming

Variable Frequency Drives

Reduced Voltage Starters

HMI Interface (Touchscreen)

Programmable Logic Controllers

Relay Logic Control

Constant Monitoring Control

Tank Level Indication

Pump Status

Flow and Pressure Trending

Alarm Activity History


Auto Dialers

Capacitor Start/Run

Seal Fail

Thermal Cutout

Lightning Arrestors

Fused Disconnects

Intrinsically Safe Relays

Generator Receptacles

Phase Loss Relays

Elapsed Time Meters

Event Counters

Anti-Condensation Heaters

Battery Backup


Convenience Outlets

Enclosure Options

Inner Dead Front Door

Component Specific Requests

Custom Panel and Metal Fabrication


Control Panel Design

Functional Specification Development

Control Panel Fabrication

Control Panel Assembly and Manufacturing

Control Panel Testing and Installation

Control Panel Maintenance and Repair

To learn more about how HAWK Panels can assist you with control panel needs, give us a call or send us a message and one of our staff members will get back with you shortly.

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